Having long and thick eyelashes is a style that many women fancy. However, not many of us are lucky to have been born with such fantastic eyelashes. The good thing is that is that there is always a sure way that can help you achieve that. The use of mascara has recently gained a lot of popularity because of the fact it gives one that excellent look that is only found in celebrities. So if you have been admiring your favorite celebrity and you do not know how to look exactly like them, it is high time you gave mascara a try.

Types of mascaras

There are several types of mascaras out there that you need to know. Understanding the different types of mascaras that are in the market is important as it will help you to find the perfect one for you. Remember that using any type of mascara that you may come across may just interfere with your beauty. This, therefore, tells you that you need be careful when choosing the one that you will be using. If you are not sure, it is normally recommended that you seek professional help from beauty experts. Here are some of the mascaras type that you need to know.


This is a type of mascara that can be the best option for you when you want something that will be longlasting. One of the common characteristics of these types of mascaras is that they are hard to remove with ordinary removers. This calls for the use of oil-based makeup removers whenever you want them removed. This, therefore, makes them ideal to use during rainy season. Mascara can also be further subdivided into;

  • Powder mascara
  • Cream mascara
  • Liquid mascara

Getting the most out of mascaras

For you to get the most out of mascara, you need not only to choose the right one but also not how to properly apply it. This, therefore, means that you need to know which applicator will give you the desired results. In addition to that, you should be familiar with some of the formulas that are available. Here are some of them;

Lengthening mascara

Like the name suggests, this one adds length to your existing lashes to give you that killer beauty that you are looking for. It is good to note that for you to get that desired results, you need to apply at least two coats of mascara. Others include;

  • Thickening mascara
  • Curling mascara
  • Lash defining
  • Non-clumping mascara
  • Water soluble