Women from all walks of life find it convenient to carry a handbag wherever they go, even to a public bathroom. Their male counterparts are left wondering what’s in the bag that they just find impossible to leave behind. We are just about to unravel the mysteries of a woman’s handbag. By the end of this article, husbands and boyfriends will either want to stay away from these bags or buy more for the women in their lives. Perfect Replica Handbags is a great choice for anyone who wants to surprise their ladies.

Mom carried it

Handbag affairSince mothers are in charge of how their daughters adapt to womanhood, they teach them all there is to know about it. One of them includes how to conduct yourself as a woman in public. Among the life’s lessons of being a woman, mom mentioned about always having a handbag by your side. Though some moms were not really open about why their young daughters should always carry purses, they followed these lessons religiously and got to find out for themselves.

Fashion statement

A woman’s wardrobe is not really complete without a handbag. Most outfits have a uniquely designed handbag to go with them. They are just inseparable. Most of us have to admit that it is eerily strange and spooky to find a woman walking without a purse or bag of some sort. It is probably stated in some nonexistent sisters’ constitution that a woman of any race or background should never be caught in public without a handbag. Their loyalty to this accessory is simply commendable because these bags do come in handy.

For convenience purposes

Imagine a scenario where a woman spills something on herself. She will definitely need some sort of a tissue or handkerchief to clean herself up. The instances are endless and she needs a spacious accessory in which she can confide her secrets. That’s not all, a woman doesn’t need to drive all the way home to her dresser to retouch her makeup. She might as well carry what she needs from her dresser to do what she needs to do. What better place to stuff them than her nearest confidante, the handbag?


There is no way a woman will be walking around the shopping mall, sees an attractive bag and passes it by. So long as it is available and up for grabs, women are naturally designed to love and be attracted to bags of all types. Besides, it is a necessity and never a luxury for any woman to have it by her side. Another instance of the availability factor is the gift. It has become a common line of thought that women can’t resist handbags. If it is her birthday, the most likely gift that will turn her on is the handbag.


Once a woman tries a handbag on, she can tell immediately if it is meant for her. If it fits perfectly, why not carry it with her for the rest of her life?