In our busy day-to-day living, most people find it hard to keep up with the trending fashion. People have lost track of what they schedule to wear and at what rates they should recur wearing the same clothes. The type of clothes worn determine the generation advancement of a particular region. Clothes symbolize a lot, how you look, your mode of dressing, your mood and not leaving behind your influence to fashion. People who are prone to wearing according to latest trends possess a particular power of persuasion and in a way, determine the mode of wear to those they leave close to like close friends, new acquaintances and even to fashion-conscious relatives.

All the above being mentioned, let me show you then how to stay ahead of trending fashion. Fashion is not something that one can easily and comfortably predict its changing trend, you need to know and allow your mind to keenly understand the prevailing transition the fine details incorporated in fashion do change.


Understand the ground of fashion

Fashion, like any other trend that started without popularity, has an origin and a long history. Try to understand the002 history of anthropology and culture and how it started interacting with fashion and comfortably allowed it as a norm. It is a leap of intuition that even science is not averse to. Knowing and understanding the transition fashion has had since its origin will help a lot in understanding and staying ahead of its changing trend. However much most people would like to explain that the patterns depend on individual preference, which to some level is true, yes, the preferences from a majority of the masses is what determines the changeover and persuades the rest of the public to conform. Most people are not fashion conscious and slight persuasion works like a charm. Color is one crucial factor in the world of fashion that you must be intuitive about, be objective on preferred color trends and those that sell quickly.



Technology also plays a huge role in the changing fashion trends. It has brought new designs of manufacturing and designing of fabrics. Nowadays, clothes come in diverse schemes that capture the eye at first site. Contemporary technological machines that are devised to design clothes are currently setting the notch quite high. 3D printing, laser-cutting, and heat-press have shifted the manual designing of clothes to more appealing contemporary clothing designs.


Pattern recognition, repetition and shift markers

003The evolving nature of fashion relies on deep-information it consists and the inter-relation it possesses with various natural and human natures. Time is one significant factor, not leaving behind common daily occupations, they significantly influence what we wear and how we look and conform to the society. Image markers are also another crucial indicator that can be used to predict the shift. It requires vigilance and keen attention to stay ahead of the trending fashion.